The best that nature has to offer, enhanced by science. We know more today than we have ever known about how the body works, about how it is made up, and about what it is made of. We know about the building blocks of cells, how they communicate, our unique DNA, and how age, the elements, and stresses cause our bodies to change over time. We have explored the far ends of our planet in more forensic detail than ever before, examining microscopic organisms and cell structures in search of the elusive spark of youth. Where some companies turn first to the laboratory in search of answers, we consult nature to see what she can teach us about health, vitality, and about preserving our beauty.

Planet Earth, the living, breathing pharmacy…that never closes.

The more we learn, the more we realise what we don’t know and the more we still have to learn. Whereas that may be daunting to some, it’s exciting to us. We love learning, we’re excited about the search for knowledge, the pathways we look down and more importantly the insights we gain that help us develop more gentle, more effective and more beautiful cosmetic and haircare products. Traditionally, whenever we’ve searched for ingredients to treat our ailments, we’ve looked to nature. Natural oils and emollients to moisturise, protect and keep our skin hydrated. Fruits, fruits acids and natural acids to keep exfoliate our skin. Saponifying (soap-like) plant extracts to cleanse our skin and hair. Algae and Seaweed minerals for skin and hair health. Honey, avocado and nutrient-rich oils to nourish, protect and smooth skin and hair.

New is not always better.

The coming of the industrial age, the industrial revolution, could also be called the scientific revolution, and it dramatically changed the way we thought and acted. Mankind revelled in his new-found mastery of all things, his dominance of the planet, over every part, everything, and everyone on it. This arrogance, caused many to turn their backs on nature, and on natural ways, turning instead to the modern ‘revolutionary’ products emerging from the laboratories and factories at ever alarming rates.

In reality however, often these ‘revolutions’ were merely mass produced, cheap imitations of naturally occurring compounds. Many were ground-breaking, many were very beneficial (even life saving), while others were (and still are) inferior. Many are harsh. and some are downright dangerous. Wherever possible U Brand chooses the purest, most natural ingredients we can. If we know of a better alternative, we’ll use it. If nature needs a little help from science to deliver a substantial performance enhancement, we’ll take it, but rest assured, we will always do it with respect, we will always do it with care, we will always do it ethically.

The sort of ingredients you WILL find in U Brand Cosmetics products.

Natural Oils – Argan, Almond, Jojoba, Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Avocado, renowned for their fineness, moisturising and health giving properties. Humectants – Phospholipids, Cucumber and Glycerin, help restore and regulate your skin’s ‘Natural Moisture Factor’. Anti Oxidants – Argan, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Vit C & E, scavenge, neurtralise and help repair free radical damage. Coconut Cleansers – A gentle cocktail of Coconut cleansers, safe and gentle on skin, scalp and hair. Safe for coloured hair. Exotic Botanicals – Ginko, Green Tea, Seaweed and Algae Extracts, stimulate blood flow, cellular activity and deliver vital nutrients. Flower Essences & Essential Oils – Sweet Orange, Rose, Rosemary and Jasmine renowned for their calming, refining and nourishing properties. Peptides* – Building blocks for skin cells, help energise and rejuvinate cells, help stimulate Collagen production and cell renewal. Glycans* – Messenger compounds found on the outer cell wall, energise, stimulate communication, renewal and Collagen production. Lycopenes* – Powerful Caratenoid compounds that help scavenge free radicals and help protect cel DNA. Amino Acids – essential proteins and protein pieces (that make up our DNA) used by the body to repair, rebuild and create new cells. Vitamins – A, C, E & B’s utilised by the body to regulate cellular function and in the stimulation and creation of other compounds like Collagen & Elastin. Minerals – Calcium and Zinc, used by the body to support the immune system and to support healthy cell function and structure. * Found in our Active Skin Fitness Range of advanced Anti-Ageing skin care products.

Wherever possible U Brand turns to nature rather than to chemicals. Nature has a wonderful abundance of beneficial compounds for natural health and beauty, that often avoid the allergic reactions and nasty side-effects associated with man-made substances and mineral oils. We use the highest quality ‘cosmetic-grade’ ingredients renowned for their therapeutic performance and purity. Our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced without animal testing. Where science can help us achieve higher performance, we do so with the utmost respect for nature and your wellbeing.