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It's one of the most cost-effective marketing activities you can do for your business. Increases your margins, customer loyalty, repeat sales and less competition from competitors. Grows your on-line sale benefits with less price sensitivity. 

Yes. Professional salons have been doing it for some time. In fact, they are our biggest customers. Business owners who are serious about business are jumping onto it.

If you are a first-time customer, we advise you to test our items to acquire a feel for them. Please see our samples You can enjoy exploring our products, make a purchase and get selling. To learn about the process, we recommend customers go to Create Your Brand.

U Brand has solutions to suit all needs: 1. Select one of our Brand Launch Packages from as little as $2500 that include free design (applied to one of our templates). 2. Pick individual products and select if you wish to create a unique label design or utilise one of our templates, quote provided. 3. You can also have the option to have your product and label custom designed which larger MOQs and longer lead times apply, quote provided. Create Your Brand

Your own Brand can be on your shelves in as little as 2- 4 weeks. Most salons take 2-3 months to totally integrate their brand into their business.

Yes. We have simple and cost-effective options for salons that want to customise their look, from metallic lids and pumps to different shaped bottles and finishes. All depends on your budget and your personal preference. For further information contact us.

Yes. We can, and we’re approached to do it all the time. Minimum quantities apply, there may be development fees, and the process can take several months. contact us

U Brand look after the design of your labels right through to print and application. Our print machine is set up for all types of print and labels and the quality of your labels are first class. There is no need to worry about designers or label quality we have that covered. If you are creative and would like to design your own labels, we can work with you. Additional fees apply to customisations. Create Your Brand

Yes. Haircare, Skincare and Styling sampling packs can be purchased found under samples. These include the full range of products in retail sizes with assorted packaging options. We also provide single product samples if you wish to pick products from our different categories.

Once you purchase a Haircare or Skincare Package or select individual products you like, you simply buy what you require when you need. Minimum of 12 x Retail Size Products, 1 x Professional Size products and 24 x Travel size products.

Yes. We can manufacture from as little as several hundred products, up to thousands of products, depending on your requirements, budget, and timeframe.

Yes. U Brand is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. Our Products are designed and manufactured in Australia. About Us

At U Brand we have worked carefully to guarantee the most environmentally friendly products possible therefore sourcing recyclable packaging.

We believe that natural is always best. Our products are paraben, sulphate free and 100% vegan friendly, except for bee’s wax used in Fibre Paste. U Brand is against animal testing and does not test or purchase products used on animals.

Yes. U Brand's Professional network is extremely broad, we can provide you with the right partner in business to get the website or digital branding you are looking for.

An order cannot be modified once it has been placed. Please double check prior to proceeding to payment that the correct products, packaging and lids are in your shopping cart. U Brand does not issue refunds based on change of mind. Likewise, refunds will not be provided when marketing your brand or on digital resources. In the rare circumstance we may be able to support you, but you must submit a claim. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Each product is customised, our shelf life ranges from 12 to 18 months. When you receive you order your products have a complete shelf life.

Yes. Great news is we are launching a U Brand Membership which keeps you in the loop with all new product development and brand support, you also receive benefits that non-members are not entitled to. Keep a close look out, it’s about to arrive.

We apologise but unfortunately, we are unable to have meetings in our facilities due to confidentiality reasons.

Yes. If you want it, U Brand can supply you with a comprehensive training manual. Most salons find this more than enough. On-site training can also be quoted. For resources go to. Market Your Brand

We highly recommend a forecast submitted to elevate potential delays. Jump online and log into your account, where you can add and customise your products. Process your order in checkout once confirming it is correct. You will then receive your order within 8 - 10 working days.

Yes! Create Your Brand  or go to Shop.


Passion, commitment and enthusiasm, are things you just can’t buy. Our team combines the depth of experience gained building some of the world’s most respected premium haircare and skincare brands, with the managerial and retail experience of running highly profitable hair and beauty salons. We’ve combined our industry knowledge with expertise in Formulation, New Product Development and Sales Promotion to create a unique business concept with amazing potential.